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New Normal - Designing Great Experiences

Welcome to the New Normal Podcast. I am always looking for interesting people to talk to about how we design experiences in this changing world. I want to show the person making this New Normal.


Oct 7, 2013

Interview date: 27. September 2013

Paul Dunay loves marketing and has his own unique approach to it. He also has a nose for data and has been looking closely into how data and the customer experience play a role together. This is why he made an ideal interview partner on this CX404 show. Paul is a well known and recognised B2B marketer and is Global VP for Marketing at Maxymiser who specialises in web optimisation and analytics.

Here some of the points covered in the interview:

  • Having worked across a broad section of companies from startups to large corporations. What have you learned from those large or small in their challenges when approaching the online client/customer?
  • You recently blogged about 6 Tips for Turning Big Data into Great CX. LINK  But data and the subject of Big Data is everywhere today like Social Media was being hyped 4 to 5 years ago. What role might all this data play in improving the customer experience?
  • Check out this study just done this year and some of the interesting findings.
  • Many companies are creating Voice of the Customer VOC roles in their businesses to address the need of today's customer. What data would be important for these roles and where might it come from?
  • What one suggestion would you give to a brand, business owner, digital media team, customer experience manager, who might be listening to this now on how they might improve the digital customer experience?